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The library is based on Philippe Maegerman's Javascript version of Robert Penner's Motion Tweening Library for ActionScript.

To get started, please read the corresponding blogpost.

Motion Tweening

The example shows the application of two different Tweens for manipulating x and y coordinates of the graphical object. Please click on the canvas to start/restart the Tween.

Color Tweening

Tweening is not restricted to motion. You can use the same approach to change a color over time.

In the wild

Here's the result of my animated donut chart, which will be integrated in the next version of ASKKEN™. It makes heavy use of Tweens. You can find a dedicated demo page at and get the source code from Github.


There are no limitations. Do whatever you want with this sketch. If you did some nice modifications, just let me know (via Github). I'd be happy to include them.

If you spot some bugs please add them to the issue tracker. Source code is available at Github.