Quasipartikel - Kanzlei für Datenweitwurf

Quasipartikel is an office-sharing project formed in summer 2008. Our main motive was the need for a dedicated workspace where we can get together easily, exchange knowledge and catch a glance beyond our own horizons.

After finding a suitable shack and some stuff to put our computers on, we added a couch, turntables and a coffee machine — perfect.

Does this make sense to you, too?

Our door is open for everyone - if not, just ring. So if this all makes sense to you, and you have something to do, no matter if it's your everyday's job, a hobby or working on a thesis: just feel free to grab your stylish little computer-thingy and put it on one of our desks. You can bring your own desk too, if you like to. And cookies. We like cookies!

Finding us

Get out of the tram at station "Mozartkreuzung". Which tram line? Each one — welcome to Linz. Go north until you reach "Harrachstrasse" to the right, folllow this Street across the "O.K. Square" (To the right there's a shopping center with a Merkur supermarket where you can buy the implied cookies for us. And chances are good, that we need milk too, so please, be so kind)

Follow "Harrachstrasse" over the next two crossings until you reach house no. 28 on the right side, you will see the Quasipartikel logo on the window. That was easy.

The idea

The Quasioffice is a place where people can work together and distract each other from work, alternately.

While working (or having to work) on various commercial projects, there's usually enough time to raise and play with one of our many cute little personal-project-babies.

Being our favourite prefix, the term "Quasi" can be put in front of all the things, that somehow are, but actually aren't (and there are a lot of things like that).

Quasi sounds so delicious, and makes everything so pleasantly non-absolute: working in a quasi-office (which isn't really an office), doing quasi-work (which isn't actually real work) totally makes sense to us. If there just wasn't always all this damn quasi-food, too.