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The NODE15 Website is online!

It’s only three more weeks until the amazing NODE15 Festival is taking place in Frankfurt, so yesterday’s launch of the official website was just in time. As you might have guessed, VVVV.js also has its appearance with a WebGL cloth animation on the landing page.

Die lange Nacht des gefährlichen Halbwissens #3

After a little break- to single out the irregularity of these Events - the 3rd Issue of our “Lange Nacht des gfährlichen Halbwissens” took place.

VVVV.js turns 1.0

Three and a half years ago the VVVV.js project made its first public appearence. Since then, VVVV.js has evolved from an experimental toy into a great tool for prototyping and creating rich user interfaces, data visualisations, animations and more — VVVV.js grew up.

Die lange Nacht des gefährlichen Halbwissens #2

After a pretty successful premiere of our irregular knowledge night in December, “Die lange Nacht des gefährlichen Halbwissens” returned with its second issue on April 4th.

Die Lange Nacht des gefährlichen Halbwissens #1

“Die lange Nacht des gefährlichen Halbwissens” first Issue. We invited an array of smartasses to cover all levels of nerdity.

Music artist similarities from co-occurrences in playlists

As an exercise for the university I had to calculate music artist similarities based on co-occurrences in user generated playlists. Such similarity measures play a vital role in many application scenarios of Music Information Retrieval (MIR), e.g., in music recommendation and playlist generation applications.

Skinning with VVVV’s character animation nodes

After having explained how to create skeletons for 3D characters and animating them in VVVV, this quasi-article shows how to use VVVV’s character animation nodes in combination with software and hardware skinning methods.

Character animation in VVVV

As my weapon of choice, the visual programming environment VVVV provides a huge amount of functionality in the area of multimedia and 3D computer graphics - all accessible in a nice non-textual programming environment. While there exist several ways of manipulation 3D geometry in VVVV, right now there are no explicit methods for doing character animation.
So, this project (which was topic of my diploma thesis) aims to create an API, which introduces the terms of character animation to the world of VVVV. In this article I’m giving a little introduction of the developed nodes, and how to use them.