The VVVV.js project has launched, and joins the game of porting great stuff to JavaScript. Read about what it is, what it is not and what to do to make it become, what it might be some day, in this quasi-artikel.

VVVV.js is an open project, which aims to bring the visual programming language VVVV to your web browser, by porting its “runtime parts” to JavaScript. This enables your web browser to run VVVV files (or VVVV XML code) on the client side.

Get the full idea at the project website vvvvjs.quasipartikel.at

While this sounds too good to be true, here comes the bummer: besides porting parts of VVVV’s internals, all the nodes you want to use have to be ported to JavaScript as well. Having in mind, that there are hundeds of nodes for the original VVVV, this is just absurd … right? But let’s just give it a try anyway.


  • Because once you’re into patching VVVV, textual programming just makes you feel fat and sluggish. There should be a way to develope client side web applications the VVVV way.
  • Because HTML5 with Canvas and WebGL, combined with powerful Javascript interpreters make it possible.
  • Because of a tiny flavour of cross-platform compatibility: VVVV patches on mobile devices, anyone?

The project is far from being ready to use in real life, in terms of functionality as well as in terms of performance. Its further development totally depends on your help. Checkout the Github repository at


and help porting your favourite nodes, it’s not that hard.

Also visit us in the dedicated ##vvvvjs channel on irc.freenode.net!

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