U+223D (Reversed Tilde) is a multi-projector club visual setup featuring a non-planar sculpture, which consists of four separated canvases. Have a look inside the article, to watch a video of its first application in the Eiskeller Hagenberg.

The canvas layout was designed together with Michael Holzer, who also was responsible for actually constructing the blueprinted sculpture. He came up with a light-weight and light-budget connector system for realizing the canvas frames. This was crucial, to be able to hang the sculpture on silk wires from the ceiling, and keeping the whole thing as portable as possible. For the first application the canvas itself was made of common fabric.

From design and simulation to the first installation in the Eiskeller.

From design and simulation to the first installation in the Eiskeller.

Two projectors are used to bring content to the sculpture. Projection mapping and audio reactive real time fancyness is done using VVVV. We patched a framework which allows to do both: wrap rectangular visuals from back in the days around the canvases, as well as create material especially fitting the canvas’ shape. The framework provides tools to transform geometry and points from orthogonal 2D space into the distorted canvas space, which lets us somehow squeeze animations into the shape of the sculpture.

The video below shows the setup in action during the basement bash in the Eiskeller Hagenberg, thrown by the guys from Deliciouz.

The setup installed at the Eiskeller Hagenberg. The left projector shifted upwards during the night, but still, you can get the idea, don't you?.

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