Hello there.

Being our favourite prefix, the term „Quasi” can be put in front of all the things, that somehow are, but actually aren't.

„Quasi” sounds so delicious, and makes everything so pleasantly non-absolute. [ read more ]

18Bit Webshop launches

Our dear friend, the 18Bit shop, expands its business from Linz to the rest of the world, by launching the 18Bit Webeshop www.18bit.com, created here in the Quasioffice.

jQuery UI Multiselect

Whenever you are dealing with Select Multiple inputs, be assured it hurts. Using Javascript you can spice up that unhandy plain old vanilla Select Multiple element that comes with your browser. Inspired by various existing solutions I ended up in creating my own version of a sortable, searchable Multiselect Widget.

A call from the past

Half a year ago we had our grand office launch party, the Quasipartikeller. Unfor­tunately, documentary material is absolutly rare. Most of the photos taken are from the morning after — and believe us: nobody will ever see those pics. But now some explosive evidence appeared.

Ken - A Ruby API for accessing Freebase

I’d like to introduce a project I’ve been working on since a while. I simply called it Ken. Basically Ken is a data layer for knowledge representation. More precisely it’s a Ruby Library that is being built to access the Metaweb Services supplied by Freebase. Just born, the project’s goal is the provision of a concise API for querying and writing structured data.

Visualizing the Semantic Web

It’s been almost one year since I finished my bachelor thesis “Information Visualization in the Semantic Web”. Still being an abstract and scientific topic, the Semantic Web needs tools for the masses to get going. While looking for the best tools out there, I discovered various visualization techniques that can be applied on structured (semantic) data.